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To start with the practice of feng shui, the Tai Tsui Plate 2021 is the first cure that you must place, in Fen Shui it is first protected and then activated, because if you first activate Love, Health or Money and do not place this cure first, you could lose what you activated, because it is protected first and then activated under divine protection.

In the year 2021 the representative of Tai Tsui is General Yang Xin, his main qualities were loyalty, humility, strategy, courage, clemency and faith, thanks to him many battles were won and during his time there was peace and prosperity for all.

The Tai Tsui that this year is located in NE1 is an area of the house where remodeling should not be done or preferably used, in this area it is convenient to use a protection cure or talisman such as the Tai Tsui Plate 2021, it is used to ask for a blessing to obtain Peace and Good Luck during the year 2021

Place this metal plate in the Northeast 1 of your property and enjoy divine protection in 2021, the precise degrees where they should be placed are between 22.6 ° and 37.5 °.

The plaque is placed at the eye level of the tallest person in the house and General Yang Xin is asked to bring us peace, harmony and protection during the year 2021.

Tai Tsui Plate 2021

Price Options
One-time purchase
Feng Shui 2021
Transforma tu Vida con Feng Shui
$490.00every year until canceled
  • 22cm x 16cm aluminum plate framed in black base

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