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The Plate of the 8 Buddha treasures can be placed at the entrance of your house to welcome the new energy transforming good things or in the center of your house so that from there the energy expands in each corner of your home and bring you infinite blessings from heaven.

Buddha has eight symbols or treasures that are:

1. The Infinite Knot: symbolizes the infinite wisdom of the Buddha, the heart and mind of the Buddha, the union between his wisdom and the love he feels towards all sentient beings. It attracts harmony, wealth, and union.

2. The Conch Shell: symbolizes the throat and vocal cords of the deity. He will offer comfort to the afflicted. Activate trips and contacts abroad, in a business plan or to promote personal image.

3. The Parasol: represents the crown of Buddha. It is a symbol of protection against negative energies, it protects you from your own negative energy and protects your house from thieves and negativity.

4. The Lotus Flower: represents the Buddha's lips and tongue, and with it the truth, purity and enlightenment. It helps you achieve harmony at home, and internal balance.

5. The Gold Fish: represents the eyes of Buddha, and symbolizes freedom, fertility, good fortune, abundance, beauty, long life and salvation. It attracts happiness and eliminates witchcraft.

6. The Precious Vase: embodies the neck of Buddha. It represents the totality of the Buddha's teachings, and with it the liberation of the being, it is also a symbol of spiritual wealth, material prosperity and infinite knowledge available to all individuals. Bring peace, harmony and abundance to the home.

7. The Wheel of Dharma: It symbolizes the feet of Bhuda, the Dharma and the Noble Eightfold Path which is made up of 8 fundamental steps: Right Understanding; Right Thought; Speak Right; Right Action; Right Livelihood; Right Effort; Right Attention; and Right Concentration. It attracts the awakening of spirituality, wisdom and peace of mind.

8. The Flag of Victory: represents the body of Buddha. The symbol reflects the triumph of wisdom and enlightenment over ignorance. It attracts individual (professional) or family success; In addition, among its virtues are to banish pessimism, the feeling of incapacity and defeat.

Plate Eight Treasures of Buddha

SKU: P8TB0002021
  • Engraved Aluminum Plate

    Measurements: 28cm x 21.5cm

    This plate is mounted on a black trovicel base of 2 cm additional to the aluminum plate size

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