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In the year 2021, the Blue Medicine Buddha plate is placed in the North of your house, between 337.6 degrees and 22.5 degrees

This Plaque is from Orgyen Menlha who is a deity from the treasure tradition of the Nyngma lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, his body is blue in color and he holds a skull cup filled with healing elixir in his right hand and near the healing plant myrobalan.

The Blue Medicine Buddha helps us to be healthy in the physical, emotional, spiritual and psychic aspects, it cleanses us of the 5 poisons of the soul such as: attachment, anger, ego, ignorance and jealousy.

The disease does not come from the outside, the disease comes from ourselves from within, a being in harmony or neutral is a healthy being, the disease is produced from our emotions, mainly from fear, if we incline our life towards love we will be in complete Health.

The Medicine Buddha can help a person overcome illness or face death. The Medicine Buddha is also effective in healing and helping one achieve their goals

It is important that when the plate is placed, they are thanked for being healthy.

Health is not requested, since if it is done in this way it will very surely become ill, since only what is not possessed is requested.

The Buddha is already activated with the OM HA HUM printed on the back of the plate

Reciting the mantra 108 times will help us to purify our being and heal from within, on the plate comes the long version of the mantra to potentiate the help of the medicine Buddha, the translation of the mantra is as follows:

1. OM: start us with Om, the sub-current tone of the universe

2. NAMO: means to give in or full of confidence; can also mean to lean or lean, and it could mean to merge into

3. Bhagawate: means in intimate relationship with the Divine and often means the whole cosmos

4. Bhaishjaye: name of the Medicine Buddha

5. Guru: spiritual teacher; it also means "that" that transmutes ignorance into wisdom

6. Vaidurya prabha: Divine deep blue light, like that of Lapis Lazuli

7. Rajaya: means Great King

8. Tathagataya: means once he came or once he left

9. Arhate: someone who has conquered the cycle of birth and death

10. Samyaksam buddhaya: perfectly enlightened

11. Tayatha: do it like this

12. OM: again we start with Om, the tone

underlying universe 13. Bekhajye bekhajye: ending the pain of disease

14. Maha bekhajye: end the pain of illness (from the darkness of spiritual ignorance)

15. Bekhajye: take away from the pain of illness

16. Samudgate: means the supreme heights. So go go go
(my prayer will go to the highest, the widest and the deepest)

17. Svaha: I offer this prayer and now I renounce it ... (to you Medicine Buddha)

Medicine Blue Buddha Badge

  • Aluminum Metal Plate

    Measurements: 30cm x 21cm

    This plate is mounted on a black trovicel base of 2 cm additional to the aluminum plate size

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