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It is the highest representation of Tibetan Wisdom.


This year 2023 it is recommended to place it in the CENTRO of our spaces to activate Studies, Scholarships, Wisdom and eliminate us from enemies that hinder our Personal Growth.


It helps sentient beings through consciousness to make the best decisions in our lives for our highest good.


It is excellent for students to help them gain knowledge more easily and lightly; for those good students who try harder but fail to obtain the desired results.


If you are going to apply for admission to a special School, if you are going to apply for a Scholarship or need Mentors in tú Vida.


Manjushri frees you from IGNORANCE which is one of the Poisons of the Soul, lets you see tricky situations and unmasks your enemies.


Reciting his Mantra OM A RA PA CA NA DHI helps you to have clarity in your life to make the best decisions in your life.




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