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The Yellow Dzhambala brings to your life Wealth which comes from your soul and will materialize in the Physical field, attracting to your life all the material wealth that you want


It is the maximum Generator of Infinite Material Wealth, having it in your home will benefit you to the maximum to attract infinite possibilities of new Money inflows from the Universe


Remember that money can come from everywhere


It will bring you recognition, joy, opportunities, profits and wealth from everywhere, you will be a magnet for good news which will arrive soon and at the right time so that you can see the opportunities that life presents you, you just have to take them, thank them and to take action.


In the year 2023 the Yellow Dzambhala plaque is placed in the North 






Big Yellow Dzhambala

  • Picture for Wall 

    Measures 151cm x 91cm approximately

    With Wooden Frame  and an integrated aluminum plate with intensity sensor lights 

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