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Tsai Sheng Yeh also known as Cai Shen Ye & Zhao Gongming is the most popular God of Wealth in China, he was a military strategist who won many battles thanks to magic spells.

Buddha assigned the task of distributing treasure and fortune to all sentient beings.

He is a deity of Taoist origin and is sitting on a tiger and holds a sword to protect your material wealth from any evil.

It is recommended that all homes have an altar of wealth where they display this image to attract good fortune, luck and material wealth, the altar can be placed in the Sheng Chi of the provider, or in 2021 in the West coordinate that is located between 247.6 degrees and 292.5 degrees.

God of Wealth Tsai Sheng Yeh

SKU: PDR0002021
  • Aluminum plate

    Measures 21cm x 21cm

    The plate is mounted on a black trovicel base, the base measures approximately 2cm more than the plate

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