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$$$ More Economic Income Thanks to Feng Shui $$$

Did you know that Feng Shui can help you have more opportunities for economic income? Yes, try these tips that I am going to give you and enjoy new opportunities.

  1. Acknowledge the economic prosperity you have right now, make a list of all your assets you have (your body, your senses, the air you breathe, the nature that surrounds you, your clothes, shoes, bags, books, magazines, your cell phone). , tablet, computer, and all other personal items you own) you will realize that you are luckier than you thought at first, GIVE THANKS FOR EVERYTHING YOU HAVE.

  2. Separate your goods between those that are in good condition and those that are in poor condition, those that are in poor condition if you do not intend to repair them, THANK them from the heart and throw them away, those that are in good condition, separate them among those that give you joy to have them and those that cause you some kind of apathy, boredom or give you a feeling of sadness or melancholy, you can donate the latter to someone else, there are people who will appreciate them more than you, detachment is important, nothing new can come if you already there is a busy space, example: if your heart is already occupied by someone who does not meet your expectations, a worse thing is nothing, and you do not become aware and you cannot detach yourself due to loneliness or fear, the person who fills your heart will never arrive, you soul and all your senses.

  3. Clean and order the goods you kept, just as your closet is organized, so is your unconscious, just as your stove is, so are your finances, just as your laundry room is, so are your relationships, just as your facade is how others perceive you .

  4. If you have a Wallet, check it, what do you have inside it? You cannot have garbage, or torn or badly folded bills, payment receipts or bring it dirty, faded or in poor condition.

  5. How is your bank statement?

  6. Wear lower red underwear to activate your Root Chakra and connect with economic prosperity

  7. Smile, a relaxed and cheerful attitude attracts money

  8. Money attracts money, place what you consider of value or that generates prosperity for you in the West and Northeast of your spaces

  9. Place a large, leafy bouquet of Parsley in a glass or ceramic vase on top of your refrigerator.

  10. Use scents for you and your Citrus home such as Lemon, Orange, Tangerine to attract cash

I hope you liked these simple but very effective tips

Thank you for being and being

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